See the world.

  • October 13 2022

Studying abroad allows you to see the world and travel to new places you would otherwise not have visited. During your time away from your studies, you can go sightseeing in your new city. You’ll also get to know your region more intimately than if you were just visiting for a shorter period of time.

When studying abroad, you can also visit neighboring regions and countries, as you’re not limited to one place. For example, if you’re studying in Milan, you can visit Florence or explore the Tuscan countryside by train. With international budget airlines and travel deals, exploring the world is becoming increasingly more affordable.

Your newfound connections can also show you areas that a tourist otherwise wouldn’t experience.

8. Discover career opportunities abroad.

Studying in a new country exposes you to increased career opportunities, depending on your field of study. If you’re interested in finance, for example, consider studying in a region such as London or Hong Kong—two cities well known for business. If you’re interested in tech, then look into Berlin or Tel Aviv.

Oftentimes, organizations hiring international employees want to see evidence that candidates can thrive in a global environment. Studying abroad, especially in an area where you are interested in working, gives you the chance to showcase key skills and relevant experience on your resumé, like cross-cultural communication and an understanding of international policy.